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    Omniflow will be present at Web Summit 2016

    From NOV 7-10

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    OMNILED - Smart Lighting System

    Perfect solution for Smart Cities and off-grid

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    Wind and Integrated Solar Cells

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    Integrated Energy Storage and electronics

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    Autonomous Surveillance

    Optional integrated cameras


Smart Lighting

OMNILED are standalone fully autonomous smart lighting systems. The platform integrates wind and solar power with energy storage, OMNILED provides efficient adaptive lighting with optional Wi-Fi internet access, charging station and surveillance with extended video analytics.




OM turbines and OMNILED energy platform can integrate surveillance solutions with extended video analytics for application in extreme conditions.
Urban, Off-Grid and Military are some examples of existing installations worldwide with great record of accomplishment and satisfied customers.



Omniflow are fully integrated units in the context of urban mobility for charging stations and autonomous IoT systems.
Systems can be used as charging stations as well as parking control cameras.
Critical utility infrastructures can have a backup capable of storing and generating energy.



OMNILED can be used as a small cell integrated in the urban environment. Omniflow OM1.2 or OM3.8 can be installed together with mobile telecommunication towers providing the total or part of the energy needed at the site. The integrated solar PV panels are mounted directly on the turbine providing a plug & play solution.